The Brazilian Beach House Company is the only travel company dedicated to renting fully staffed private properties on the coast of Brazil. We have an exclusive portfolio of around 80 astonishing properties – villas, beach houses and private islands - which rank among the most luxurious accommodation available in Brazil today.
Private house rental is the ultimate in luxury travel, allowing clients to avoid the hassles of hotel check-ins, mini-bar bills and other guests and enjoy the privacy and freedom of their own property, staff, pool and, in some cases, own beach. What’s more this is affordable luxury. Often renting a house will cost the same or less than taking a handful of rooms in one of the better hotels in the same area. Our properties are priced clearly by the night and the cost of extra services (transfers, boat charter, extra staff...whatever is needed to make a holiday perfect) are all transparent and up-front.

Since we started renting Brazil's best beach houses nearly 10 years ago, others have tried to copy our Original Brazilian Beach House Style but only we know how to get the best out of your time both on holiday and in Brazil. The house is only part of the equation to a great holiday, the rest lies in exceptional service and delivery of what is promised.

We understand that not everyone coming to Brazil will want to rent a house so we have hand picked the best beach hotels that share the Beach House creed of style and service. These hotels and pousadas can be booked through us at the same rates - or less - than with the hotels themselves.

Born and educated in England, Steven subsequently lived in Venezuela and Argentina, before settling in Brazil. A pioneer of the luxury and expeditionary travel in Latin America he is the founder of the Brazilian Beach House Company. “When I started arranging travel for Clients in Brazil we hit on the idea of renting beach houses and private islands and staffing them to the highest levels as chic, owner run hotels were then almost non existent in Brazil (mid-1990’s). Since then we have had great success and fun in developing a portfolio of the best private beach houses in Brazil most of which offer accommodation that far exceeds many of the hotels in the same areas.” Steven is a Contributing editor for Conde nast Traveller in the UK and regularly writes on Brazil for US and UK titles.


"If ever a villa was made for parties, this is it. A collaboration between Swiss and Brazilian architects turned out to be a match made in heaven: the result is a modern house sustainably built from natural local materials - with dramatic verticals and horizontals more reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe than a rustic beach villa."

- Condé Nast Traveller, ‘Where to stay on Brazil´s coolest coast’ - Villa Barra Grande (October 2013)

"There’s not much of South America that the founder of the Brazilian Beach House Company hasn’t got sussed. And what Chew has really honed in on are seaside hideaways - really staggering, unutterably cool havens, from two-bedroom restored fisherman’s cottages to mansions sleeping up to 28."

- Condé Nast Traveller, The Experts - Steven Chew, Brazil (March 2013)

"Arriving at Casa das Brisas after a bumpy hour and a half from the airport, we walk into the perfect beach house. Grand and low-key all at the same time, it has soaring ceilings, but is totally un-zhushy…down the short path and beyond the garden gate is what we have come for: miles and miles of totally uninhabited, palm-fringed beach."

-Tatler, ‘Wild and Free’ - Casa das Brisas (May 2012)

"I turned to Steven Chew…one of the agents on our list of top villa specialists. In the end, Chew didn’t find us one perfect house: he found us two. We wound up splitting our week in half—three nights in the countryside and four nights in town...A full week in either home would have been perfectly pleasant, but by staying at both we got exactly what we were looking for - and then some."

- Condé Nast Traveler, A Tale of Two Houses and One (Almost) Perfect Week in Brazil - Villa Bayside & Casa Colonial 12 (March 2012)

"Casa Azul is a magical place, only further enhanced by the simple beauty of Trancoso. I booked through the Brazilian Beach House Company…They have an exclusive portfolio of around 30 properties—villas, beach houses and private islands—that rank among the most luxurious accommodation available in the country today. The company’s founder, Steven Chew, is a pioneer of the luxury and expeditionary travel in Latin America…He’s nailed it well. He understands his clients."

- Wanderlista.com, Wanderlust, Life in Trancoso Part 2 - Casa Azul (April 2011)

“Brazil's coastal Bahia region is swiftly becoming the jet set's destination du jour…If you are after your own holiday pad, look no further than Brazilian Beach House. The firm has an impressive list of contacts in the region but, more importantly, it has the keys to places to stay - from private islands to restored colonial farmhouses - that are perfect for the A-list.”

- South China Morning Post: ‘Sun’, Nuts about Brazil (May 2007)

"The Brazilian Beach House Company is easily one of the most glamorous specialists on Travelspinner...Founder Steven Chew is extremely picky about the properties he offers, and service is up to the standards of the bricks-and-mortar...The company can look after you from the moment you step off the plane.

Brazil is not a cheap destination, but Brazilian Beach House Company's prices compare favorably with hotels of a similar standard - and are likely to offer a much more memorable stay."

-Travelspinner, Review of Brazilian Beach House Company

"I had a call from Louise who says it is all absolutely amazing. They are loving it, and are blown away by it. Well done!! Thank god!! She says the pics don’t do it justice…that’s what I like to hear.” - Cream Travel UK, Roz Webster, on Casa Azul (Trancoso)

“I have done holidays for the XXX Family for 9 years and I have never had such great positive feedback as I have had for the house in Uruguay! In particular he thought the concierge service was absolutely invaluable and a really brilliant idea. They loved the country, the house was fabulous…a huge success.” - Cream Travel UK, Roz Webster, on Casa Las Piedras (La Barra, Uruguay)

"The house exceeded all expectations. I could’ve easily spent a week there. We loved the house, the furnishings, the views, and the linens.” - Condé Nast Traveller, Deborah Dunn, on Villa Bayside and Casa Colonial 12 (Paraty)

"Patacho is excellent. I love the simplicity. We are very happy here.” - Journeys By Design, Will Jones, on Villa Praia do Patacho (Alagoas)

"Steven - this property is insane! You did not talk it up enough!!” - Solset Escapes, Jacqueline Teunissen, on Villa Ilha Grande (Ilha Grande)

"In a word - brilliant. We've thoroughly enjoyed our Brazil holiday. We love the diversity, the blend of culture and the stages of cultural development…In summary, thank you for an amazing holiday.” - Will Jones, after a month long trip around Brazil with his young family of five

"We've been back from our trip for a few days now and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. We had an amazing time and all our accommodations were beyond our expectations. In the past I had planned our trips myself, but none were up to this level.” - MG, USA, after returning from his honeymoon in Brazil

"First of all, it disturbs me that many people in North America have a negative image of Rio. We found the people to be friendly, gentle and polite in the extreme. We never felt threatened or unsafe and we walked everywhere, night and day. We hailed cabs on the street and even though we don't speak Portuguese and they rarely understood our rudimentary Spanish, we always made it to our intended destination. Two observations: Brazil has the least “pushy” beach and street vendors in the world and Brazilians never honk their horns!” - CF, USA

"We're back now safe and sound and I just wanted to say we had an absolutely brilliant holiday. Thank you for all your help and advice - we won’t forget our time in Brazil for a very long time.” - Frank Hanley, Director, ‘Brazil with Michael Palin’

"I can see that our major problem is abundance. Fitting in so much in a comparatively short time. Still, better there be too much that too little. Once again thanks for all your help, which has been absolutely invaluable.” - Michael Palin, UK

"We can't thank you enough for organising the trip of a lifetime for us. Everything ran like clockwork and there is not one aspect of the trip we would have changed. We loved ALL the places we stayed in. My favourite was probably Cordoba, Cecilia's I think was Rio and kid's was Mexico. Though thinking back Galapagos and Paraty were awesome too! I am writing this from a deckchair overlooking Santa Monika beach, still pinching myself about what all our family have experienced and you were a big part of that, so thank you.” - Johnny Milne, London

"We'll think of you as we enjoy Garzon and the rest of our trip. You’ve been an amazing, and amazingly generous, resource.” - TC, NYC

“We had a wonderful time in Uruguay - loved the house - also a memorable afternoon in Garzon." - BW, NYC

“We couldn’t have wished for a better break from NYC. Gorgeous house, gorgeous spot, totally paradisic. Thanks so much!” - Condé Nast Traveller US, Deborah Dunn, on Villa Bayside (Paraty)

“The house was great, in the perfect spot. Close enough to walk into town, but far enough away for privacy. Found plenty to do with the kids on the rainy days…the house is without fault.” - Johnny Milne, London, on Casarão Amarelo (Paraty)

“Casarão Amarelo has been a fantastic experience. (The) place (is) wonderful, the house really good, but the service absolutely the best!” - CP, Chile, on Casarão Amarelo (Paraty)

“The house is a 10; it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design on a cliff overlooking Insolito Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other…and the staff is wonderful.” - RR, USA, on Villa Luz (Búzios)

"We are back from Garzon, but still there in spirit. We had - and no surprises here - a magical time in a place that was all and more that you promised it would be.” - JH, London, on The Redhouse (Garzon, Uruguay)

"Ipanema One was perfect for two couples and the location was "top ten" among our travels. Nete was lovely to us and you were so helpful in welcoming us to the apartment and booking restaurants. Our guides, Marcello and Patricia, were top quality.” - CF, USA, on Ipanema One (Rio de Janeiro)

"The staff were truly delightful - very hard working, kind and always good natured - keen to make sure we had a lovely holiday. Rozinha is a great cook. We loved the house, very comfortable and having the pool was a luxury. We swam and body surfed in the sea all day long, river fished with Bigode and most days we went riding too.” - JS, UK, on Casa Beija Flor (Canavieras)

We absolutely loved the whole thing. Just fabulous. Great holiday. House was perfect; staff were the best ever (my children fell in love with them all); food was delicious. Trancoso was charming. Fabio was extremely helpful. Really; we couldn’t have been happier.” - AB, Ibiza / UK, on Villa Itapororoca (Trancoso)

"Casa Ferradura - they said this was the perfect place for them to spend a week…beachfront location meant the kids were able to run from the house, to the pool, to the sea whenever they wanted. The rooms were simple but very comfortable and the cook was fantastic (they did say that you should definitely recommend that people have the cook as it would have been tricky without him). “ - The Black Family, UK, on Casa Ferradura (Búzios)

"Paradise found! Love the place and great house - the ultimate beach house.” - DF, UK, on Casa Azul (Trancoso)


  • How do I choose the perfect home for my holiday?
  • We have been arranging and pioneering luxury travel in South America for more than 20 years, and are now very experienced in the art of matching clients with the ideal home for their holiday. There are several factors that will narrow down your selection along with the obvious criteria, such as how many rooms you need and how luxurious a property you prefer. Time of year plays a factor in some destinations and the more precise you can be about what your needs are, the better we are able to guide you in the right direction: is a pool vital? Beachfront location? Is it important to be close to good restaurants, bars and nightlife? Or are you looking to switch off from the modern world for a while? Some houses are better for children than others, so be sure to let us know if you are travelling with children.
  • So, are you like a listings site?
  • Absolutely not! In fact it’s fair to say that what we do is the very opposite of a listing site, where any property is listed so long as its owner pays the fee. The homes that are featured in our Collection have been rigorously vetted and all represent the best of their kind. We seek out the best, insist on it, and reject all that are second-rate so that you can be sure to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. None of the properties have paid to be featured on this site and all have been carefully selected for their style, location, level of accommodation they offer and the fact that they are impeccably maintained. Ultimately, unlike any listings site, we sort the chaff from the wheat so you don’t have to.
  • What makes a BBH home so special?
  • In a word, love. None of the homes we have selected for the Collection could be described as rental properties, as the owners of these homes have lovingly styled and equipped them with their own personal use in mind. With the addition of our friendly, efficient and knowledgeable local teams, you are guaranteed a memorable stay.
  • Are all the houses staffed?
  • Yes, although each of the different house categories are staffed differently. At the highest end, the homes are staffed to provide the same level of service and attention as a polished boutique hotel. At all of the houses (with the exception of a handful of much more remote homes) guests are looked after by a locally based BBH host who helps with both the smooth running of the house and making local arrangements. The more remote and often smaller homes that make up the “Robinson Crusoe” Collection are aimed at more independent travellers and come only with the daily assistance of a maid who will make breakfast and tidy the house.
  • What other services can you provide to guests?
  • As well as complete in-house service including good local cooks, extra maids, babysitters*, masseurs, barmen, waiters and catering services, BBH also has many years of experience in tailor-making travel arrangements for our clients in Brazil, Uruguay and other countries in South America. We are happy to help arrange road or air transfers to the properties you have booked, and in addition, we can arrange hotel accommodation, boat charter and tried-and-tested expert local guides. We are passionate about what we do and are always happy to act as a sounding board for guests’ travel plans and ideas, and to provide up-to-date, sensible advice on how to make the best use of their time in South America.
  • Do I have to arrive on a set day of the week?
  • No, we do not operate on fixed days of the week for check-ins, and new bookings are available only subject to availability.
  • Is there a minimum stay requirement?
  • For the majority of homes, three nights is the minimum stay requirement, but there are some that require a minimum of one week. Minimum stay requirements are stated in the details of each home. Over New Years (Reveillon) the minimum stay is generally 10 nights in Brazil and seven nights in Uruguay, and other times of the year such as during Carnival and over Easter may have different requirements as well.
  • Can I have an early check-in and late check-out?
  • Check-in starts at 14h00 and check-out is by midday. These arrival and departure times are set so that the house staff has ample time to prepare the house to a high standard for the arrival of each guest. There are occasions when it may be possible for arrival and departure times to be adapted – such as during quieter times of the year at smaller properties – but each request is at the discretion of the property owner and taken on a case-by-case basis. Any such request must be requested and confirmed in advance and in the event of check-ins after 17h00, extra charges will apply at some properties.
  • When is the best time of year to travel?
  • Good question! Brazil alone is bigger than Western Europe and is 88% of the size of Continental USA, so climate range varies greatly from north to south. Generally the south of the country – like the coastal destinations of Uruguay – is best visited in the southern hemisphere summer from November to March. Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Angra dos Reis and Paraty are most frequently visited in the Brazilian summer (Dec, Jan, Feb), but note that this is also the hottest and wettest time of year. The driest and least humid months are June until the end of August, the months when Bahia generally experiences the most rainfall. It’s a bit confusing, but not to worry; when you speak to one of the team they will explain the best destinations weather-wise at the time of year you plan to travel and answer any specific questions you may have.
  • Are all of the BBH homes child-friendly?
  • Nearly all of them are, although a handful does not accept children under 12 years old. Each home’s suitability for young children is mentioned in the properties individual write-up. Please speak to us if you have specific concerns. High chairs and cribs can usually be provided but may incur a small additional charge, which will be confirmed at the time of the booking.
  • Who does the cooking?
  • That’s up to you. Most houses, other than those in the “Robinson Crusoe” Collection, come with a good local cook who will prepare lunch and dinner on request. Or you may prefer to have a professional chef taking care of you, which we highly recommend, working as we do with some incredibly talented, flexible young chefs in both Uruguay and Brazil. In the case that you love to cook for yourselves, then please ask us which homes have the best kitchen layouts for this purpose. In either case the housekeepers and maids will make sure the kitchen is cleaned up afterwards.
  • Who does the shopping during your stay and how does that work?
  • In all houses that include a BBH host, the host will arrange for all shopping to be done. Guests will typically give the host a float and then they will be presented with supermarket/market receipts. No charge is made for this service and guests pay for the shopping and nothing else.
  • What will I find in the house on arrival?
  • All houses come equipped with fresh linens and towels and a welcome hamper to make sure that all the basics are there for you on arrival. In addition to this, we offer and recommend that you take advantage of our pre-arrival customized grocery shop and wine service. As well as basic cleaning and household products, the welcome hamper includes a few light snacks and drinks so that you never arrive to an empty house or fridge. The welcome hamper by no means replaces the need for a pre-arrival grocery shopping (see below).
  • Pre-arrival custom grocery shop
  • In addition to our standard welcome hamper of drinks and snacks, we offer a customized grocery shop that will provide everything you would need and want to find in your home on arrival, all set for the first meal to be served shortly after you arrive. As some of the houses are remote, we request that we receive shopping lists at least one week before arrival.

    As a general rule of thumb we choose fresh local produce, regional wines (in Uruguay) and favor premium local brands. In more remote areas of Brazil, products and brands are limited. For families with young children it is also a good idea to throw in some beach toys: bucket and spades, boogie-boards, footballs, etc.
  • Do I need to rent a car?
  • Unless you are staying in a city home we do recommend renting a car or beach buggy to get around, as many homes are situated slightly out of the center of the nearest town or village. We can arrange this on your behalf, or you can book with one of the better known multinational companies such as Avis, Hertz or Localiza, who all have a presence in Brazil and Uruguay.
  • Are there any rules I need to follow at the home I book?
  • Yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. Parties are not allowed without written permission, some properties do not allow smoking and some are not child-friendly. Specific restrictions or rules are described for each house and the general rules of booking are outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Some properties, especially in Rio de Janeiro, do not usually allow single-sex groups, as there have been past instances in Rio where some clients indulged in activities they might not like to publicize at home. In general, we ask guests to behave as they would at home and to be considerate to any neighbors, especially at night.
    • Do you arrange transfers from the airport or nearest town?
    • Yes, we have reliable drivers in each of the destinations and can arrange transfers for groups of all sizes. This is not included in the cost of the rental and will be charged separately.
    • Can you recommend properties in other parts of the world?
    • With pleasure. We are happy to recommended similar specialists in other parts of the world as well as specific properties in some destinations.
    • Do you work with travel agents?
    • Yes, we do. We are very happy to work with your preferred travel agent and already have partnerships in place with many of the world’s most respected travel agents, concierge companies and worldwide villa rental specialists who rely on our services for their clients’ private house needs in Brazil and Uruguay. Specialist travel agencies know their clients well and we enjoy working with them to tailor the perfect trip for your needs, either as a stand-alone holiday or as part of a longer trip.
    • Would I receive a discount if I book well in advance or if I wait until the last minute?
    • Neither! Our properties are very popular year-round, and although booking in advance will not provide any discount on your holiday, you will at least have the pick of the homes at the destination of your choice. This is particularly important at Christmas and New Years when demand far outstrips supply.
      • How do I pay you?
      • All payments must be made in advance by bank transfer. To confirm a reservation, a 50% deposit is required. Click here for full Terms and Conditions .
      • What is the security deposit for?
      • BBH properties are much-loved private homes that our owners have designed, equipped and decorated with their own personal use in mind, and often with no expense spared. It is crucial that we protect the owners, their personal belongings and the beautiful homes they share with guests. The secrurity deposit is your acceptance that if damage were to occur at the property during your stay, you understand that you would be accountable for covering the cost of repair.
      • What can BBH do for me?
      • We can offer a complete solution for the rentals, including managing the calendar for all rentals, screening guests to make sure they are suitable tenants for your property, collecting all payments and deposits and mediating any issues with guests should they ever occur. Short-term rentals when well managed can yield significantly higher returns than traditional long-term rentals.
      • Will you include my home in the BBH collection?
      • While we are always on the lookout for great new homes with real "wow" factor to add to our collection, we do have very specific criteria that we adhere to. Loosely, all the homes in the portfolio can be classed as the best of their kind, whether a restored fisherman’s cottage, a large beachfront villa, or a great city apartment, they are all chosen for their style, location, the level of accommodation and infrastructure they offer guests, as well as being impeccably maintained. We are actively looking for the best private homes in Brazil and on the Uruguayan Coast to include in our unique portfolio, and if you feel this aptly describes your home then we would love to hear from you.
      • What's needed to include a new home?
      • Firstly, if you are interested in having your home included in the BBH Collection then please send us any existing photography of the property (interiors and exteriors) along with a brief description of the property and its location. We will then contact you to discuss whether your home is suitable for inclusion and we will then explain the next steps and how we will work with you to find the right guests for your home.
      • Can you find a buyer for my property?
      • Yes. While we are not – nor do we intend to be – a standard real estate broker, we do have clients actively searching for the types of properties featured in the BBH Collection, and we are happy to broke introductions that will lead to the sale of your property through our registered local real estate partners. Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you find a buyer for your property.