Recently voted one of the top five most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Patacho Beach (Praia do Patacho) forms part of the coral reef coast, Costa dos Corais, which is an area of Natural Preservation in the Northeastern state of Alagoas. With green and azure waters, the beach is located about 3 kilometers from the historical town of Porto de Pedras.

Patacho Beach is a very tranquil and friendly area, typical of the Brazilian countryside, The beach is often deserted, or at most shared by a few people, and is the perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset. It is a tidal beach protected by a barrier reef, which creates lovely natural pools to explore when the tide is up, and as the reef keeps the waves at bay, Patacho Beach can also be perfect for swimming.

While in the 90-degree (27 degree Celsius) ocean water, divers can enjoy spotting dolphins, reef sharks, and giant turtles, as well as catching a glimpse of sunken Dutch vessels. While on land, one can enjoy indulging in the freshly caught lobster, shrimp, and 10-30 pound white fish. Unlike most Brazilian destinations, all of the produce on Patacho Beach is local. From the coconuts to the fruits and vegetables to the seafood, everything is freshly caught and picked, daily.

There are several great restaurants in the region, and the nearby town of Porto de Pedras offers a bank, post office, small grocery shops, pharmacy and an Internet café. With century-old villages, pristine beaches, palm and coconut farms, and a lively upbeat local culture, Patacho Beach is ideal for anyone looking to experience the traditional side of Brazil in one of the most un-spoilt regions of the country.


•Surfing (3 to 10 foot waves)
•Windsurfing/kite surfing
•Exploring surrounding beaches
•Water skiing
•Paddle boarding
•StandUp paddle boarding
•Diving with certification
•Raft rides (native jangadas) to natural pools that form in the low tide
•Manatee sanctuary


Alagoas and Patacho Beach have year-round warm temperatures.


Patacho Beach is 1 hour and 45 minutes by car from the international airport in Maceió (120km), and 2 hours by car from the Recife airport (150km).